New Lesson Times!

Riding School & Interscholastic Equestrian Association (Prestige Training Equestrian Team Lesson Times)
These times will be effective after Labor Day of 2016.


4P.M. Beginner
5 P.M. Advanced Beginner (I.E.A.Lower School)
4 P.M. Beginner
5 P.M. Intermediate (I.E.A. Lower School)
4 P.M. Advanced (I.E.A. Upper School)
5 P.M. Beginner Privates
9 A.M. Beginner
10 A.M. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate (I.E.A. Lower School)
11 A.M. Advanced (I.E.A. Upper School)
12 P.M. Adults
1 P.M. Private Evaluations
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